Eagle-Exclusive Inspections & Upgrades

  • Exclusive to operators of the Excel Eagle
  • Qualifies for ProParts with no buy-in and lower-than-market hourly rates

Cessna earned its worldwide leadership with the Citation business jet program because of its commitment to customer support through a network of company-owned Citation Service Centers. Building upon this, Cessna introduced the industry-leading ProParts program almost 30 years ago.

The objective of ProParts is to cover the cost of all airframe parts required to maintain your aircraft under a long-term agreement at an attractive cost per hour. Under this program, you can more accurately project the cost of operation and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with maintenance accountability and assurance of high standards.

Because of the extensive inspections and installation of new parts and systems, ProParts will be available only on Citation Excel transformed aircraft at a cost per hour that is much lower than the rate for all other Excels.

  • Covers nearly every part
  • Eliminates surprises of replacing high cost parts
  • Lower hourly rate for the Excel Eagle
  • Optimizes operating efficiency


Your Excel/XLS will undergo a series of thorough inspections in the transformation process.

  • Flight evaluation
  • All needed “Doc” inspections performed concurrent with transformation (opt.).
  • Inspect horizontal stabilizer boots for leak and wear
  • Perform a detailed corrosion inspection
  • Verify all items in the cabin interior are functioning correctly
  • Perform 8-hour fuel leak check
  • Repack nose landing gear
  • Cockpit windshields, and cockpit and cabin windows inspections
  • Emergency battery capacity check
  • Accomplish visual inspection of aircraft and all components without panel removals
  • Install new tires, brakes, and starter-generators

All inspection items listed above are included and are managed directly by CitationPartners. Further, they will qualify the aircraft for a lower-cost ProParts program. Other suggested repairs, if any, for which the cost exceeds $25K will be the customer’s responsibility.

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