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Cessna earned its worldwide leadership with the Citation business jet program because of its commitment to customer support through a network of company-owned Citation Service Centers. Building upon this, Cessna introduced the industry-leading ProParts program almost 30 years ago.

The objective of ProParts was to cover the cost of all airframe parts required to maintain the aircraft under a long-term agreement at an attractive cost per hour. Under this program, the purchaser can more accurately project the cost of operation and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with maintenance accountability and assurance of high standards.

Because of the extensive inspections and installation of new parts and systems by the Citation Service Center, ProParts will be available only to purchasers of the Eagle at a cost per hour that is much lower than the rate for all other Excels.

  • Covers nearly every part
  • Eliminates any surprises of replacing high cost parts
  • Lower hourly rate for the Excel Eagle
  • Optimizes operating efficiency


Full coverage for Airframe, Engine, Avionics and APU

The ProParts program has proven to be so popular that practically every purchaser of a new Citation during the past 25 years has elected to enroll in it. As a result of this strong customer response, Cessna expanded its scope to include engines, avionics and APU. Now called ProAdvantage, it encompasses both ProParts and PowerAdvantage, under which the engine and APU support coverages are fully defined and administered, thus giving the operator of the Citation Excel Eagle the benefit of dealing with one source and at a guaranteed hourly rate.

Recognizing the exceptional market potential of the Citation Excel Eagle, Pratt and Whitney Canada has agreed to provide an exclusive engine support program that includes coverage for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, HSI and overhaul at 17,000 hours. Following which, the identical PowerAdvantage Program continues to the next overhaul. Most importantly, this program, which will be administered through PowerAdvantage, will include full coverage for life-limited parts from the time of delivery through overhaul at an impressively low hourly rate with no buy-in.

  • Covers airframe, engines, avionics and APU
  • Single source for administration
  • Full coverage for life-limited parts
  • No enrollment fee

Exclusive Features for the Citation Excel Eagle

Because these support programs proved to represent such significant value to purchasers of new Citations, they are now available to owners of pre-owned Citations. However, since every pre-owned aircraft has a different history, enrollment is subject to a number of factors, which include total time, hours since overhaul, pre-buy inspections, etc. After a review of these factors, successful enrollment includes an upfront buy-in fee, which in the case of engines can be especially high, but not for the operator of the Citation Excel Eagle.

The Citation Excel Eagle will provide ProAdvantage, at the election of the purchaser, for the airframe, engines, avionics and APU with no enrollment fee at attractive guaranteed rates. Further, when the Citation Excel Eagle is sold, these valuable programs can be transferred to the next buyer with the same coverage and hourly cost, but with no enrollment fee or inspections. This transferability is important to Eagle purchasers because it will have a positive impact on residual value.

  • All support programs are available at the option of the purchaser
  • Accurately project direct operating costs
  • Exclusive Eagle programs are transferable with no buy-in
  • Enhanced residual value

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